Ultimate Guide to Travelling with Kids

Ultimate guide to travelling with kids

Have you already set up plans to book a holiday with your family? I’m really the beach type of girl, just love the smell of the saltwater! My two kids are happy to play in the sand and build big castles, it’s always fun to enjoy the time together. This summer we will spend our holiday in Dominican Republic, can’t await to put my feet onto this perfect white sand! (Have you ever been there?) I don’t know about you but travelling with your little ones requires a lot of planning. You get better at all this the more you do it. As I travel a lot with my kids I gathered some tips for having a great time while travelling on a flight and to ensure a stress free journey.

Check the validity of your passports – Be sure they’re good for 6 months after the day of your arrival home. Many people make the mistake of thinking that as long as they’re back home before their passports expire they’ll be fine. (It seems like common sense doesn’t it?) But not so. Check up also on immigration rules before booking, some countries have Visa requirements or other entry regulations.

Scan your passports – Email them to yourself, along with any other important documents. If you ever lose your passports abroad, this will save you a ton of time and hassle when you have to replace them.

Make a last minute check list – Things you need to grab as you’re leaving your home are likely to be forgotten. All the indispensables you’ll want to double-check one last time before heading to the airport: passports, credit cards, cash. There’s a lot to remember! Make a list of stuff you absolutely can’t forget (like prescription medication) and tape it to your front door for final checks before you leave.

Ultimate guide to travelling with kids

Put enough in your carry-on bags for the first day of your trip – This is a good advice for anyone but especially when traveling with kids. An extra pair of clothing may somehow become useful in flight – and – if your bags are lost you don’t want to be hunting for diapers or a pair of shorts immediately after your arrival in a new city or country. Pack many more diapers than you think you will ever need, and two packs of wipes.

Never travel without an iPad or tablet – Without doubt the one thing all parents seem to agree on is investing in some sort of video tech to keep your kid occupied. You’ll also have to make sure to download all the videos you need before getting on board. Cartoons and movies can help to prevent boredom and allow parents some downtime too.

One parent in charge – Don’t share the burden of any one duty while travelling. Packing for example. One person packs and knows where everything is. Two people pack and no one really knows where anything is. Same with hotels. One person plans them, arranges them, and books them. Do you have that confirmation email or do I? (See? Trouble starts.)

Ultimate guide to travelling with kids

Ultimate guide to travelling with kids

Take some sweets – Landing can cause painful ears, babies are often given a bottle to encourage them to suck and therefore swallow. The same principle will work if you give your child a lollypop or chewing gum (ideally sugar free) for take-off and landing.

Preparations before descent – Make sure everyone uses the bathroom before landing and change diapers, even if they seem to be clean.

Beat jet lag – stay up as late as possible the first night. Get outside and do something active. Long walks are good. Parks and playgrounds are great. Kids are usually so excited by their new environment you can get away with doing a lot that at home might not work. Meal times can be way off as well in a new time zone, therefore have a good array of healthful snacks in your hotel room on the first night.

Check the website of the attraction just before your visit – It’s amazing how often museums will have closed for renovations, changed their schedule, or have a visiting show in place of its usual exhibits. Sometimes these changes can be nothing more than a nuisance. Other times they can ruin your plans for the day. Checking the website in the days before your visit eliminates most of this uncertainty.

Let me know about your travel tips!

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