Winter Wardrobe Essentials from Rosegal


Are you ready for the winter chill? Every season has its must-have wardrobe items, and in winter, it’s all about being warm while remaining stylish. Guess now what’s on the to-do-list – oh yes, update your wardrobe and shop at Rosegal. Having the right clothes for the right occasions is most essential. Stock up your closet with these must-haves for winter as they will make you want to step outside when the frost hits.

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How to Wear your Favourite Trench Coat

trench coat

Call it a fashion cliché, but the trench coat truly never goes out of style. Maybe it’s because of the classic appeal that let you wear it year after year. The trench is the perfect piece to transition from summer to fall and spring to summer – and the main point, it goes with just about every item in my closet. I’m glad it’s so versatile, you can wear it over a casual outfit for everyday occasion or in the evening over an elegant dress.

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Why a Striped Shirt should be Included in your Wardrobe

striped shirt

File it under forever favourites. The striped shirt is a staple that will never go out of style so it’s one of the best items to spend your money on. You might think of it as a boring old shirt that your mum, your dad and even your grandmother owned it for years, but yup exactly that shirt can turn heads if you spice it up by adding some details or pair it with leather, denim or velvet. The striped blouse can be worn in both the daytime or in the evening, meaning you can head straight out to meet friends without the worry of having to dash home to change first. Why not give the striped shirt a go?

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Stylish Fall Outfits Inspired by Zaful


Say goodbye to summer and hello to fall. When the new season arrives so will new fashion trends and it is a good start planning your autumn wardrobe. Are you wondering what to wear this fall? Want to know how to put together cute fall outfits? Well, Zaful is my resource for style inspiration and fashion tips for all my fall outfit needs. Whether looking for casual fall outfits, fall work attire, or what to wear for a fall weekend getaway, there is something for any fashionista to bring out those boots and jacket!

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How to Wear Tommy Hilfiger

How to wear Tommy Hilfiger

Jeans! My favourite, they can be styled for all personality types and look pretty cool. If you’re like me, you probably can’t imagine a complete wardrobe without a pair (or seven). Jeans are so easy to combine, there’s no shame in wearing your favourite pair of jeans over and over again. My one piece at the moment: Tommy Hilfiger.

They are my fail-safe fashion item that I pull out when I have nothing else to wear—or when there’s no time to even think about it. Jeans are also one of my go-to pieces for any event, be it brunches, evening ‘dos, or for the office (if you’re lucky and not lumbered with a strict dress code). But sometimes, believe me, I open up my closet and have no clue how to combine my outfits. Terrible is it? To spare you these moments, I’ve hunted down an incredible ensemble to help you make the most of your denim collection. Here’s how I dress up:

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