Casual meets Ballet Style – Printed Tee and Ballet Flats

Casual meets Ballet Style

Have you ever dreamed of being a Ballerina? I did! For today’s look I was inspired by the prima ballerinas. I still remember the days attending a ballet class when I was a child. Looking all effortless and light swirling around in the most elegant style. When dancing your body creates a certain shape and you get to control every movement. Ballet gives you the confidence to wear anything from casual to chic. Usually the ballerinas dress elegantly, I wanted to go a bit more edgy though – like – casual meets ballet style. Are you ready for some pirouettes?

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Healthy Yogurt Breakfast

Healthy Yogurt Breakfast

Simple. Healthy. Fast. Delicious. Perfect! Breakfast is my most important meal of the day as it has so many benefits. This yummy healthy yogurt breakfast kick-starts my day, it gives me the energy I need to get things done. Without eating in the morning I’m running on empty, like trying to start the car with no petrol! I’m giving my brain some good fuel to enhance concentration. Consuming some vitamins from healthy foods like dairy, oats, and fruits are an added value to your body. If you don’t eat it, you aren’t likely to get all of the nutrients your body needs.

Fancy reading some more healthy tips? Many people skip the a.m. meal because they’re rushing to get out the door. That’s a mistake. You need food in your system long before lunchtime. If you don’t eat first thing, you may get so hungry later on that you snack on high-fat, high sugar foods. Besides the healthy part, it’s prepared within seconds! (Great huh?) Only a few steps and you’re ready to enjoy:

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Boca Grande Restaurant, Zurich

Boca Grande, Zurich

The Boca Grande restaurant, a mediterranean and gastronomically oasis in the heart of Zurich, lots of culinary delights and creative cuisine. Whether you’re going out with the girls, the boys or to spend a beautiful evening with your partner, this is really an amazing spot. The Boca Grande is located near the famous Bahnhofstrasse among lots of shops (dangerous). After a stressful day in the office or a shopping tour it’s a nice place to relax and eat some good food. I’m always looking for new and original experinces and this place I can really recommend. Now lets see what I’ve got for you:

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Ultimate Guide to Travelling with Kids

Ultimate guide to travelling with kids

Have you already set up plans to book a holiday with your family? I’m really the beach type of girl, just love the smell of the saltwater! My two kids are happy to play in the sand and build big castles, it’s always fun to enjoy the time together. This summer we will spend our holiday in Dominican Republic, can’t await to put my feet onto this perfect white sand! (Have you ever been there?) I don’t know about you but travelling with your little ones requires a lot of planning. You get better at all this the more you do it. As I travel a lot with my kids I gathered some tips for having a great time while travelling on a flight and to ensure a stress free journey.

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Off Shoulder: My Must have this Spring

Off Shoulder Dress

Have you been rocking Coachella this weekend? Not me, too bad, unfortunately. (I’m still whining…) I hope you had a great Easter. During the past days I’ve decided to go a bit more into fashion on my blog, as there are so many great styles this spring. Like, off shoulder is one of the seasons it piece. I wear it very often as it is quite versatile, depending on the accessories you can dress up to the nines or be made to look super casual. It gives your outfit a flirty, flattering look and it fits for any occasion. No matter if you wear it to the office, hit the bars or the festivals. Off shoulder is definitely one of the hottest, you find it in dresses or tops. Here’s what I’ve chosen to wear:

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10 Weight Loss Motivation Tricks that Really Work

Weight loss motivation tricks

Are you one of those lazy types that hardly see the gym from the inside? Yup, here I am, me too! Now that spring is around the corner and you’ve already catched a glimpse on the swimsuit magazines, you might want to bring your body in shape. Weight loss usually means a hell of a work. Fancy some tips how to get in shape, without much effort? Stay tuned and follow these simple weight-loss tricks and reach your goal while having fun.

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Kids Craft – Flower Window Box

Flower Window Box

Now that spring is just around the corner, you can find colors just about everywhere you look! The bright and vibrant colors of always inspire me, so it’s time to get busy making some colorful flower crafts for kids. The flower window box is a simple craft, kids will beam with pride as they present their creation to friends and family.

You will need:

10 lolly craft sticks
Glue gun (an adults help is required)
Craft foam

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Instagram: A Blessing or a Curse?


Yup, Instagram. Can you imagine life without social media? Probably not. Crazy how we got dependent on uploading the latest pic to Instagram, sending out tweets or hunt down some ideas for Pinterest. A few weeks ago I started to take Instagram seriously as it is a great way to promote my blog and it’s super easy to stay connected with your followers and also find other bloggers to follow. It’s a place where you can engage without writing whole blog posts. Nowadays, I have a feeling that everyone is prefering Instagram to reading blog posts. (My heart is crying…) But thanks to you I have at least one fellow reader.

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo

What I swear by: Dry Shampoo! It can be one of the most wonderful tools in your beauty arsenal — as long as you’re using it properly, of course. There’s nothing worse than getting a beautiful blowout and having to wash it out the next day because of a greasy scalp. Thankfully, the hair gods created dry shampoo so we can keep our hair fresh for days. Not only does it save our perfectly styled hair from a wash (and some subsequent damage), it also saves us lazy ladies some time and energy in the morning. For those of you new to the game, or if you just want to learn more about the dirty hair phenomenon, read on to find out some helpful tips and tricks:

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