Off Shoulder: My Must have this Spring

Off Shoulder Dress

Have you been rocking Coachella this weekend? Not me, too bad, unfortunately. (I’m still whining…) I hope you had a great Easter. During the past days I’ve decided to go a bit more into fashion on my blog, as there are so many great styles this spring. Like, off shoulder is one of the seasons it piece. I wear it very often as it is quite versatile, depending on the accessories you can dress up to the nines or be made to look super casual. It gives your outfit a flirty, flattering look and it fits for any occasion. No matter if you wear it to the office, hit the bars or the festivals. Off shoulder is definitely one of the hottest, you find it in dresses or tops. Here’s what I’ve chosen to wear:

Off Shoulder Dress

Off Shoulder Dress

When I spotted this off shoulder dress I instantly fell in love with it! It’s easy to wear, comfy and can be combined perfectly with high heels or flats. It has buttons on the front side, a frill trim and tie sleeve. For this look I chose to pair it with black sandals and a simple clutch identical to the dress. Now in spring, the sun is out longer, the temperature pleasant, so a dress is a perfect go! (Though I urgently need a little tan!)

Off Shoulder Dress

Off Shoulder Dress

Shop the Look

Off shoulder dress: Zalando (here)
Sandals: Zalando (here)
Clutch: Zalando (here)

Tips for keeping off the shoulder tops in place – Anyone who’s ever worn an off-the-shoulder top before knows that they can be tricky to keep in place. By just lifting your arms up, the neckline can slip up, off your shoulders, and instantly ruin the whole look of the style. Well thankfully, there’s actually a super-easy way to ensure that your shoulder top stays in place. All you need is four safety pins and two elastic hair ties. By pinning the elastic bands from the front to the back of each sleeve, you can create faux straps that stretch with your body but keep your top in place. When you go to put the top on, simply slide your arms over the top of the pinned elastics. You can adjust where the elastics sit if you need to. To test how you did, simply wave your arms over your head to see how well your top stays in place. Check guidance here.

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Do you wear off the shoulder? I would love to read your thoughts.

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  1. Wow das Kleidchen steht dir perfekt ♥ Und was hast du bitte für schöne schlanke und trainierte Beine?! Ein Traum!!! 🙂

    ich hoffe du hattest tolle Ostern, anscheinend hattet ihr definitiv besseres Wetter in Zürich als hier in Berlin 😉


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