Kids Craft – Finger Puppets

Finger Puppets

Finger puppets are adorable and super easy to create. The templates are simple to download, print and cut at home. Once you have the templates, you can literally make as many as you want. If you use them as football players you can create your own match! Finger puppets make great DIY crafts for kids to complete at a children’s birthday party, to pop into goody bags or to give as a gift to a school friend. Use a good quality felt to make your finger puppet which means it’ll stand upright on a toy shelf or windowsill when they’re not being played with – they make a super-cute display!

You will need:

Felt Bag Template
Colouring Pens or Pencils
Hot Glue

1. Cut out the template, position on felt and draw around the outline with a pen.


2. Cut out the felt pieces according to the pattern.

3. Colour the heads (glue it preferrably to cardboard, to make it more solid).


4. Use hot glow to stick the felt together. Firstly, glue the head onto the shirt, secondly, the other side of the shirt on top of it. Leave out the glue on the backside of the pants and the bottom of the legs. Decorate the felt.


5. Slip your first and second finger through the holes and you are ready to go!


What is your favourite finger puppet?

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