How to Choose a Necklace to Work with your Neckline


V-neck, halter, one-shoulder, oh my. It can be tough enough choosing a neckline let alone trying to find the right necklace to go with it. After all, the reason to add accessories to our outfits is to be able to show our creativity, personality and signature style. Why exactly do some necklaces not work with some clothes, or look better with others? Well, there is some logic to it, and that is because different necklaces work with different necklines. Here’s a guide to pairing necklines and necklaces.

Here is a guide from Pinterest to help you pair your jewellery like a pro.


These are probably the trickiest necklines to wear necklaces with, but they can work well with mid-length, chunkier necklaces.


These are such flattering necklines that deserve the right accessories. V-necks look sensations with V-shaped necklaces that enhance the shape and draw attention downwards.



Halter Necks

These necklines are great for showing off a slender neck and creating an attractive décolletage. So, style them right with a choker necklace that is simple in design to enhance the neck area. Be sure to check the sterling silver jewellery at Silver by Mail.

Crew Necks

These necklines are best worn with collar or bib necklaces. They come in a wide range of colours and shapes and your possibilities are truly endless.


Strapless tops look great when paired with chokers. You can really experiment with these in terms of colours and materials and you are guaranteed that they will show off your shoulders and neck while bringing the entire look together.

Scoop Necks

Scoop necks can be incredibly flattering when you pair them with either long or short necklaces. However, the necklace should not fall below the bustline.

Square Necks

If you love square neck tops, pick a necklace with angular pendants for a sophisticated look. Also, short necklaces that fall on the collarbone work well.

Off-Shoulders / One-Shoulder

Dresses that fall off the shoulders look good paired with asymmetric necklaces. A stone-studded necklace is a great piece if you’re off to a party and longer chains with bigger pendants look good, too.


Cowl Necks

You don’t really need a necklace with a cowl neck as there’s already enough going on in the neck area. If your cowl neck is low, you could wear a sing strand necklace, though, or a small pendant.

Boat Necks

Boat neck outfits pair well with long beaded necklaces in western or ethnic styles. They can be either single stranded or multi-stranded and offer the outfit true glamour and poise.

Sweetheart Necks

If you’re wearing a dress with a sweetheart neckline, no doubt you’re going to look amazing, but what necklace can you pair with your dress? Ideally, pendants or carved beads that end just above the neckline are the way to go, just be careful not to overlap the neckline of the dress.

Short Collars

Collar tops and shirts are staples in a working lady’s wardrobe, which means you need accessories! To add some glamour to these tops, pick short pendants or even a choker style necklace.

There you have it! Now that you know the secret to neckline and necklace pairings, it’s time to accessories your wardrobe.


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  1. Ach wow danke für die Tipps,
    ich habe gar nicht gedacht, dass man da so viele verschiedene Möglichkeiten hat.
    Bis jetzt dachte ich, dass es nur warme oder helle typen gibt (gold und silber).
    Da muss ich beim nächsten Schmuckkauf dran denken 🙂

    schau gerne auf meinem BLOG vorbei und auf INSTAGRAM

    1. Vielen Dank liebe Amely Rose! Beim styling war ich immer ein wenig überfordert mit der Auswahl der Kette, der Leitfaden hat mir aber auch sehr geholfen mich zurechtzufinden 😉 Liebste Grüsse, xx Simone

  2. You are such a naturally beaut woman and all necklaces suit u love you with the gold heart one I don’t even know what neckline I am to start with lol. I have a long neck and very visible collar bones lol not sure what would suit me best. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Dominica from London, xXx

    1. Thanks Dominica! I know what you mean, it can be a tough job to choose. Usually I try on different necklaces in front of a mirror to see if it suits me or not. Have a good week, xx Simone

    1. Thank you so much Deanna! I wasn’t wearing jewellery that often either, it really helps to know a bit how to style your neckline. Have a great week, xx Simone

  3. Liebe Simona, das ist ja mal ein hilfreicher Post! Ich werde das nächste Mal an Dich denken und an die Tipps, wenn ich meine Kette aussuche 😀
    Liebste Grüsse
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