Footwear Trends you Need to Know


You are never fully dressed without a good pair of shoes. Diamonds are a woman’s best friend they say. Actually, shoes are! Footwear is one of my favorite things to spend money on because they’re so easy to buy. You see a cute pair of shoes, you slip them on your feet, and you fall in love. A good pair of shoes are comfy, adorable, stand out in a crowd, and, most importantly, can be worn a bunch of different ways. Are you guilty of having several pair of high heels, boots, flats, sneakers, sandals or wedges? (Not me though!) We just want to make sure that our shoes match the outfit.

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How to Transition a Floral Dress into Spring

floral dress

As the season changes, we enjoy showing more skin and wearing vibrant colours that highlight our skin tone. A floral dress that features a beautiful floral pattern is often our spring and summer staple. Dressing appropriately for that awkward time between winter and spring can be a struggle. You want so badly for it to be warm outside, but it’s still way too soon to put away your jackets. It’s not easy to get dressed in the a.m. as it is still chilly, though in the afternoon the temperature rises and you don’t want to feel too warm. Layering becomes inevitable to keep you warm in the morning and not too hot in the afternoon.

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Sunglasses Trend Spring/Summer 2018


I’m glad we do not need any imagination anymore, spring has arrived and I’m so happy about it. As the days get longer and brighter, there is nothing better to embrace the new season with a new pair of sunglasses. They’re the thing you can justify spending on as you’ll have them forever. Sunglasses even are an all-year-round must and so convenient when you want to hide those dark circle under your eyes. This cult accessory is something we can’t have enough of. I’ve rounded up the styles that are going to be big in 2018.

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Trends to Have on Your Radar this Season


Season after season the fashion industry creates new looks and we’re all craving to incorporate the styles into our everyday life’s. Some of the trends outlast one season and are here to stay (Checks, ruffles, polka dots). So it’s about time to box up your heavy coats and winter boots and get into the mood of warmer climes. With the arrival of April, dreams of wearing dresses and lightweight clothes are much closer to reality. Prep your wardrobe now, I’ve pulled together the top trend inspo’s to be on the lookout this season.

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Casual Outfit to Inspire Your Wardrobe

casual outfit

What to wear on a lazy day? When you don’t want to get out of your favourite pj’s, drinking coffee and spending some me time all day long – this obviously calls for a casual outfit! For a lazy girl like me, comfort in my outfit counts more than everything else. Give me a cozy sweater and some cool pants, and I’m set. Grab a pair of sneakers too and switch the pajama to the cosiest outfit ever.

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Must-Have Jackets this Spring 2018


Hello spring! It’s time to tuck away your heavy coats and puffer jackets and IN go all the lightweight, comfortable and oh-so-easy to wear one’s. I’m not a big fan of winter. Snow is great and I love to ski, but being too cold? No thank you. So when the seasons finally begin to change, I feel like I come alive again. I can actually wear my favourite pieces, rather than wearing my coat, snow boots, and the same pair of thick jeans everyday.

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What to Wear with Leggings


Leggings are the ultimate staple! I don’t think there is a more comfortable piece of clothing. They’re so versatile, on the one hand, you could go the athleisure route and pair them with sneakers and a sporty hoodie, or on the other, you could dress them up for dinner or even work (yes, really) by wearing some heels and/or blazer. The material and the colours may change from season to season, but you can wear this favourite piece all year round. I love to wear leggings and pair them up with stylish options.

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How to Pull Off Denim on Denim

denim on denim

There’s something about denim on denim that really got me hooked! Season after season, I’m falling again for the most versatile item. Jeans are just too popular to limit to one single item (Hands up, who owns more than one pair?) This fashion trend is a stylish option for looking put together for laid back weekends and casual occasions. You can even style the double denim to look chic for more dressed up occasions by adding a pair of heels. Denim is the new black and so easy to pull off!

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Why You Should Consider to Shop in a Thrift Store

thrift store

Thrift store shopping is something I’ve always wanted do. I love the hunt, the excitement when finding a unique piece for such an affordable price. Vintage clothes are often very well-made with fine fabrics and lots of attention to detail, and they’re often incredibly stylish if they happen to be from a decade that’s back in style today. Have you ever heard of the saying “One girl’s trash is another girl’s treasure”? And yes, that saying is right when it comes to shopping at secondhand stores.

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3 Ways to Wear your Favourite Blazer from Zaful


A good blazer should be a staple in every girl’s wardrobe. Why is it one of the most versatile item? This fashion piece can be worn in almost any environment and it’ll give a touch of class that will make you look sophisticated. The blazer has endless potential, in this frigid temperatures layering can be easily done. I picked mine up from Zaful and I wear it very often lately. Dress it up, or dress it down; it works equally well for both styles and is not just limited to corporate wear.

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