Tunic Tops: What to Wear on a Beach Vacay

tunic tops

When the thermometer climbs and the temperature increases, there’s no better way to stay cool and collected when spending a day at the beach. But just because you’re laid-back and relaxed doesn’t mean you needn’t think about your look. With a little careful planning, you can put together a zillion of cute beach outfit ideas with tunic tops that let you look your best while you’re enjoying the sun, sea and sand.

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4 Days – 4 Ways: How to Wear a Romper


Seriously, what is really better than wearing a romper on a summer day? This gorgeous one piece is incredibly easy to feel comfy and requires very little maintenance. By that I mean, you can literally wear this fantastic item and no other clothes and be set. If you like, mix and match, it can be conveniently paired up with nearly everything and creates a stunning style statement!

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My Wardrobe Staple: Summer Dresses

Summer dresses

I don’t know about you but recently I felt like my closet needed to be stocked up with an additional gorgeous dress to wear on a special occasion. Buying clothes is one of my favourite hobbies. The summer has been amazing so far and really hot, so it’s the perfect moment to wear a beautiful dress. Soon I will be spending my holidays in Dominican Republic and I wanted to stock up my wardrobe with a few stunning summer dresses.

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Summer Lovin’ – Tulle prom skirt and Puma Basket Heart Sneakers

Tulle prom skirt

I couldn’t be more excited to share the todays look with my Puma Basket Heart Sneakers! When I first spotted these gorgeous shoes with that satin bow I was blown away and my feet were literally yelling to buy them. This is now when this emotional shopping rollercoaster starts, I wanted them so badly and I needed to have them quickly. Of course they were sold out everywhere (Have you ever experienced standing in front of a train, but couldn’t enter as the train already started to move? Yup, this is how I felt). As I still wanted to get hands on these Puma Basket Hearts I hunted down the web for any possible supplier and found one through amazon. Although it took the package about two weeks until arrival, I’m the luckiest person on earth now (hehe). I’m really a sneakers kinda girl, they’re so comfy and still so stylish.

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White Dress with Sleeves

White dress with sleeves

Beautiful sunny weather outside and pleasant temperature really makes my heart sing! Isn’t there anything better to enjoy the summer season, getting around and wear your latest shopping haul? To extend my summer wardrobe I was looking out for a maxi white dress with sleeves that shows a breezy silhouette, looks feminine and can be worn not only in the evenings but in everyday life too. It’s simple, comfy and stylish. There’s nothing that can brighten up a summer wardrobe like a dress. Maxi dresses are also versatile too, they’re easy to add layers over as well as hide layers under. That’s a real advantage and the reason making them my favourite piece to wear. It can also make you taller when styled correctly (I like that, I’m not the tallest person) and I know that anyone, no matter what shape or size can wear it and look gorgeous. White’s my favourite for this style as it matches my skin tone and the colour always reminds me of the beach.

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Casual meets Ballet Style – Printed Tee and Ballet Flats

Casual meets Ballet Style

Have you ever dreamed of being a Ballerina? I did! For today’s look I was inspired by the prima ballerinas. I still remember the days attending a ballet class when I was a child. Looking all effortless and light swirling around in the most elegant style. When dancing your body creates a certain shape and you get to control every movement. Ballet gives you the confidence to wear anything from casual to chic. Usually the ballerinas dress elegantly, I wanted to go a bit more edgy though – like – casual meets ballet style. Are you ready for some pirouettes?

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Off Shoulder: My Must have this Spring

Off Shoulder Dress

Have you been rocking Coachella this weekend? Not me, too bad, unfortunately. (I’m still whining…) I hope you had a great Easter. During the past days I’ve decided to go a bit more into fashion on my blog, as there are so many great styles this spring. Like, off shoulder is one of the seasons it piece. I wear it very often as it is quite versatile, depending on the accessories you can dress up to the nines or be made to look super casual. It gives your outfit a flirty, flattering look and it fits for any occasion. No matter if you wear it to the office, hit the bars or the festivals. Off shoulder is definitely one of the hottest, you find it in dresses or tops. Here’s what I’ve chosen to wear:

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