Restaurant Carlton, Copenhagen

Restaurant Carlton

My favourite thing to do when I’m on a city trip is to relax, sit down and eat some good food (I like shopping too though, you got me there). Recently I spent a few days in Copenhagen and I was amazed by the fantastic food scene. What’s not to love, when having so many good restaurants and cafés on every corner? If you’re a foodlover like me, this is just paradise. I didn’t want to spare you out on my favourite spot, the Restaurant Carlton. It’s located in the heart of Vesterbrø, a trendy and fashionable area. I would describe it as modern and lively. Do you crave for burger?

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Rooftop Restaurant, Zurich

Rooftop Restaurant, Zurich

What an amazing spot the Rooftop Restaurant in Zurich is! The view from the terrace is astonishing and on a warm summer evening it’s just the perfect place to be. They had a little issue on an earlier stage about not providing any menu card, the waiters were just moving around a trolley from where the food was served. Luckily this concept has changed and you are able to place your orders according what’s on the menu. The Rooftop is located on top of the Modissa warehouse in the heart of Zurich. Incredible atmosphere and always crowded so I recommend to book a table in advance. Likely you’ll get hungry when reading on, don’t blame me for it please…

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Boca Grande Restaurant, Zurich

Boca Grande, Zurich

The Boca Grande restaurant, a mediterranean and gastronomically oasis in the heart of Zurich, lots of culinary delights and creative cuisine. Whether you’re going out with the girls, the boys or to spend a beautiful evening with your partner, this is really an amazing spot. The Boca Grande is located near the famous Bahnhofstrasse among lots of shops (dangerous). After a stressful day in the office or a shopping tour it’s a nice place to relax and eat some good food. I’m always looking for new and original experinces and this place I can really recommend. Now lets see what I’ve got for you:

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Restaurant Bar Basso, Zurich

Restaurant Bar Basso

Oh. My. God! I. Love. It! Is there a better way to kick of the work week than with pizza? I don’t think so…If you call yourself a pizza devotee then you really have to check out the Restaurant Bar Basso in Zurich, it’s the place where the best pizza in town is served. Located in the heart of Zurich, a quirky looking place near Selnau, just before the entrance to the City’s swimming baths, It’s hip, to be sure. The interior is in the best of taste. You get a direct view to the wood-fire oven where the pizzaiolo creates your yummy pizza.

The trendy place is always crowded, now matter if for lunch or dinner. The Bar Basso belongs to the same owner as the Rosso. The service is attentive and fresh, and on a sunny day, their colourful outdoor tables just overlooking the Sihl canal are a lovely place to enjoy a good cup of coffee.

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Restaurant Schuetzengasse, Zurich

Restaurant Schützengasse

What an awesome way to describe the delicious food of the Restaurant Schuetzengasse: Great food is like great sex. The more you have, the more you want. Schuetzengasse is a lively and upbeat restaurant located in the middle of Zurich, near central station and famous Bahnhofstrasse. The menue is a collection of Mediterranean food and Swiss classics. It opened in 2011 and its super cuisine quickly found a loyal following. The place is always crowded therefore reservation is recommended.

The interior is stylish, Italian ambience, wooden floor, classic white tablecloth. A crowd of all ages meet up to chat and enjoy the delicious wine, food and friendly staff. You even get invited to parties they organise. And last but not least in a typical Italian restaurant you will be served Limoncello (lemon liquor) after dinner, but whatch your glass…next thing you know it’s refilled!

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Restaurant Baltho Kueche & Bar, Zurich

Baltho Küche & Bar Restaurant, Zurich

Is there anything better than to treat yourself to a good dinner with your girlfriend? You have sooo much time to talk and enjoy all the delicious food. (All the girls will definitely understand my point). Restaurant Baltho Küche & Bar is my first restaurant review.

Almost every time I’m eating out I go for another restaurant, so this is the one restaurant that I have recently been to.

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