Instagram: A Blessing or a Curse?


Yup, Instagram. Can you imagine life without social media? Probably not. Crazy how we got dependent on uploading the latest pic to Instagram, sending out tweets or hunt down some ideas for Pinterest. A few weeks ago I started to take Instagram seriously as it is a great way to promote my blog and it’s super easy to stay connected with your followers and also find other bloggers to follow. It’s a place where you can engage without writing whole blog posts. Nowadays, I have a feeling that everyone is prefering Instagram to reading blog posts. (My heart is crying…) But thanks to you I have at least one fellow reader.

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How to Boost Engagement on your Blog

Boost Engagement

Hi there! If you are reading my post right now I just want to thank you very much, I really appreciate it! It’s been three months now since I joined the world of blogging and I really love beeing among yourselfs. I’m no full-time blogger, I’m a mummy of two kids so it happens that I do not always find the time to keep up with writing posts, shooting killer photographs or handling all kinds of social media. What I love most is the interaction with you fellow readers so I thought i want to share with you how i boost engagement on my blog.

The important point of blogging is to build a great community and engage with great people. I love leaving comments on other blogs to support them! For sure it takes a lot of time to read through all those posts but it is a nice thing to do. Doesn’t it put a big smile on your face if the favour is beeing returned? (Yes….I thought so) It’s great to have an audience following and to have built a connection with them. These are my favourite things to do to support other bloggers:

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