5 Reasons Why I Love Winter

When the air turns out to be ice cold and a chilly breeze is making you freeze to the core, winter has arrived! In Switzerland the winter season is great, we usually get lots of snow to enjoy the cold season. When the snowflakes hit the ground and cover up nature with its beautiful white, the winter definitely has its magic. Take a walk in the snow and focus on the silence sourrounding you, what a perfect moment to calm down.

Surely, it has also ist brutal moments and somehow you just get bored of the cold, but there are a lot of advantages that make winter a blast. Not convinced? Keep on reading….

Here are just a few reasons why I love winter.

1. Snow

I love to watch the snow falling down on earth and how they perform to be ice crystals. There is so much fun for my kids, we build snowmen, snow angels and go skiing.

2. Wear comfy shoes

Nobody is judging you not wearing high heels in winter! Isn’t it the best to wear comfy shoes that keep your feet from freezing?

3. Staying in

If you feel too cold to go out, you don’t have to feel guilty for not leaving the house. Stay in and watch a good movie, cuddle up with your family or the one’s you love. Make yourself a cup of tea to warm from the inside.

4. The Food

Everybody needs calories to get through winter right? Help yourself to yummy burgers with french fries, no need to be ashamed.

5. Shopping

It’s the sales season, Black Friday and after Christmas sales, I have to admit that I can’t resist these bargains.

Do you love the winter season?

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