How to Choose a Necklace to Work with your Neckline


V-neck, halter, one-shoulder, oh my. It can be tough enough choosing a neckline let alone trying to find the right necklace to go with it. After all, the reason to add accessories to our outfits is to be able to show our creativity, personality and signature style. Why exactly do some necklaces not work with some clothes, or look better with others? Well, there is some logic to it, and that is because different necklaces work with different necklines. Here’s a guide to pairing necklines and necklaces.

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Why a Striped Shirt should be Included in your Wardrobe

striped shirt

File it under forever favourites. The striped shirt is a staple that will never go out of style so it’s one of the best items to spend your money on. You might think of it as a boring old shirt that your mum, your dad and even your grandmother owned it for years, but yup exactly that shirt can turn heads if you spice it up by adding some details or pair it with leather, denim or velvet. The striped blouse can be worn in both the daytime or in the evening, meaning you can head straight out to meet friends without the worry of having to dash home to change first. Why not give the striped shirt a go?

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Zaful Trends A/W 2017


It’s been a while my lovely readers… but I’m back again, all super relaxed, full of energy and a little sunkissed from Dubai. If you can’t resist a white sandy beach and turquoise sea I highly reccomend to visit this beautiful place. Head over to my Instagram to see more. Today I’m sharing my favourite sweaters from Zaful. The weather in Switzerland is still fantastic and there is almost no need to wear a knit right now, but you’ll never know, better stock them up early than too late. It was just unbearable to wear a sweater in Dubai, haha, but I thought that gorgeous beach shouldn’t be left out. What do you think?

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Little Black Dress – Own it. Wear it. Rock it.

little black dress

The little black dress – Ready, Set, Fête! The LBD for short is the number one staple of anyone looking for a versatile wardrobe. It doesn’t matter what style you’re into, a little black dress is the perfect basis for any outfit. By definition it’s versatile and classic, can be dressed up with accessories or dressed down wearing sneakers, and is the utmost base for any outfit. The LBD is a bit like a blank canvas. You can accessorize, add details and layer it in unique ways, all of which allow you to wear that one staple dress a multitude of ways.

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