Chocolate Cupcake with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

Chocolate Cupcake

I know. Chocolate cupcake. The yummiest on earth! A classic treat that everybody loves and homemade tastes even better! I can’t wait to share my first dessert recipe with you. This recipe makes a perfect 12 cupcakes, just enough to share with family and friends. Easy homemade chocolate cupcakes topped of with creamy vanilla buttercream frosting and garnished with sprinkles.

Did I make you curious to try it out yourself?

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How to Feel Healthy and Happy in 2017

Feel Healthy and Happy

Feel healthy and happy is one of my new year resolutions. I know it’s sooo cliché as this is probably everybody’s goal this year. But I really want to make it a habit working out a bit more seriously to make me feel fitter. I am definitely not the gym type, I rather do my fitness exercises outdoor or at home in winter time. Is your motivation sometimes lacking too? No problem, I’m not always super motivated doing exercises myself but I have learnt that you need to stick to a plan and keep it on a regular basis. If you feel healthy you also feel happy.

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5 Reasons Why I Love Winter

When the air turns out to be ice cold and a chilly breeze is making you freeze to the core, winter has arrived! In Switzerland the winter season is great, we usually get lots of snow to enjoy the cold season. When the snowflakes hit the ground and cover up nature with its beautiful white, the winter definitely has its magic. Take a walk in the snow and focus on the silence sourrounding you, what a perfect moment to calm down.

Surely, it has also ist brutal moments and somehow you just get bored of the cold, but there are a lot of advantages that make winter a blast. Not convinced? Keep on reading….

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Kids Craft – Bracelet Out Of Recycling Plastic Bottle

Kids craft

Create your own kids craft plastic bracelet. Custom made jewelery can cost a pretty penny if you buy it at the store or online. Why not try making some one of a kind pieces at home that cost practically nothing and look just as beautiful as their pricier counterparts! With this tutorial, making your own arm bracelet can be extremely low cost, easy, and fun to do. Plus, it gives the children something creative and hands-on to do. This project involves re-using and recycling plastic bottles to make bracelets, so you won’t waste or need to buy anything. You can make lots of them and even if you mess up it doesn’t matter, just keep going until you make the perfect accessory!

You will need:

Plastic bottle
Piece of paper
Scissors or knife
Permanent marker
PVA glue

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