10 Weight Loss Motivation Tricks that Really Work

Weight loss motivation tricks

Are you one of those lazy types that hardly see the gym from the inside? Yup, here I am, me too! Now that spring is around the corner and you’ve already catched a glimpse on the swimsuit magazines, you might want to bring your body in shape. Weight loss usually means a hell of a work. Fancy some tips how to get in shape, without much effort? Stay tuned and follow these simple weight-loss tricks and reach your goal while having fun.

Stick to the 80/20 rule – If your diet plan contains salad leaves and protein shakes: It’s completely the wrong track to go for the perfect shape! The body gets accustomed to this starvation mode and responds by hanging onto any calories it gets instead of burning them. You gain pounds, rather than lose ’em. Aim to eat healthy 80% of the time and devote 20% to treats like pizza, burger and brownies. No need to be perfect every day, try though to be pretty good, the majority of the time. You’re allowed to have a cheatmeal, how cool is that? (I can see you smile there) The 80/20 rule is really easy to follow and does not need much effort.

Hands off from bread basket in restaurants – Freshly baked bread, all crispy, dipped in olive oil or butter tastes very delicious – unfortunately it kills your whole diet undertaking. Although being hungry as a bear, leave aside the bread and focus on your main dish.

At work, stand up as much as possible – Why not burn some additional calories in the office? Easy task, so get movin’! Get done as much to do’s as possible when walking around.

Short workouts are better than nothing – Do you really think that a short trip to the gym is not worth the hassle and you rather have a rest on your sofa? Wrong! The key to reduce fat is to move around continuously. Especially when you work in an office. A daily workout of 30 minutes is already sufficent. So, go grab your workout kit.

Weight loss motivation tricks

Snack as little as possible – When snacking, pay attention to healthy food like nuts, fruits (also dried fruits without added sugar), rice cakes, etc.

Never cut short on breakfast – Are you the type that only needs coffe or tea in the morning to get started? Then you should really change the habit. For weight loss, breakfast is one of the most important meals that gets going your metobolism and fat reduction. Porridge with berries or whole grain bread is ideal to eat in the mornings.

Grab for spices – Chili, curry, ginger and garlic are great benefits to stimulate metabolism.

Laugh as much as possible – You burn lots of calories when laughing heartily.

What are your tips to get in shape? Thank you for your comments.

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    1. Hi Tina, you are so right. Walking the stairs instead of taking the elevator is already a good exercise. Do that 10 times a day and you really keep in shape 🙂 I really appreciate your recent comments, thank you so much! I wish you a very Happy Easter too, xx Simone

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