Zaful Trends A/W 2017


It’s been a while my lovely readers… but I’m back again, all super relaxed, full of energy and a little sunkissed from Dubai. If you can’t resist a white sandy beach and turquoise sea I highly reccomend to visit this beautiful place. Head over to my Instagram to see more. Today I’m sharing my favourite sweaters from Zaful. The weather in Switzerland is still fantastic and there is almost no need to wear a knit right now, but you’ll never know, better stock them up early than too late. It was just unbearable to wear a sweater in Dubai, haha, but I thought that gorgeous beach shouldn’t be left out. What do you think?

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Little Black Dress – Own it. Wear it. Rock it.

little black dress

The little black dress – Ready, Set, Fête! The LBD for short is the number one staple of anyone looking for a versatile wardrobe. It doesn’t matter what style you’re into, a little black dress is the perfect basis for any outfit. By definition it’s versatile and classic, can be dressed up with accessories or dressed down wearing sneakers, and is the utmost base for any outfit. The LBD is a bit like a blank canvas. You can accessorize, add details and layer it in unique ways, all of which allow you to wear that one staple dress a multitude of ways.

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Stylish Fall Outfits Inspired by Zaful


Say goodbye to summer and hello to fall. When the new season arrives so will new fashion trends and it is a good start planning your autumn wardrobe. Are you wondering what to wear this fall? Want to know how to put together cute fall outfits? Well, Zaful is my resource for style inspiration and fashion tips for all my fall outfit needs. Whether looking for casual fall outfits, fall work attire, or what to wear for a fall weekend getaway, there is something for any fashionista to bring out those boots and jacket!

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Bohemian Look – How to Accessorize your Dress


Get floral – be bohemian. Bohemian clothing has become particularly trendy in the past couple of years. The “boho” style is inspired by art, the 70’s and free-spiritedness. By embracing the love of color, pattern, fun and keeping a few simple concepts in mind, you can dress just like a bohemian. Boho chic is one of my all-time favorite style vibe, so let’s get bohemian!

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Homecoming Dress – What’s Trending this Season

homecoming dresses

Homecoming – Let’s celebrate the annual tradition! There are many ways to ensure that you will look your best when you choose a dress with plunging neckline. Of course, you want to look classy and graceful in your homecoming dress and appear flawless for homecoming night. In this article, I will share to you some tips on how you can rock a homecoming dress with a plunging neckline.

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Dresslily – My Latest Shopping Haul


I still refuse to believe it but sommer’s officially over. Wistfully, I have stowed away all swimsuits and summer clothes into my closet. Autumn also has it’s advantages though, I love to watch the leaves turn into beautiful colours and the temperature is not that hot anymore. When the season changes, your wardrobe does too. Now, seriously my wardrobe staple with transition outfits needs to be stocked up (Is there any better excuse to go shopping? NO!! haha). Come shopping with me and see what I got to choose:

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Open Back Detail – Embroidered Mules

open back detail

You know what they say… business in the front and party in the back 😉 As the end of summer is just around the corner, I was hunting down an outfit that transitions perfectly between summer and autumn season. I got hold of that open back shirt, long sleeves but still breezy, an allure piece that for sure will make your look original and trendy. I certainly couldn’t pass it up! That casual style with playful back opening is comfy and ideal for your everyday wear, of course, staying effortlessly chic.

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Restaurant Carlton, Copenhagen

Restaurant Carlton

My favourite thing to do when I’m on a city trip is to relax, sit down and eat some good food (I like shopping too though, you got me there). Recently I spent a few days in Copenhagen and I was amazed by the fantastic food scene. What’s not to love, when having so many good restaurants and cafés on every corner? If you’re a foodlover like me, this is just paradise. I didn’t want to spare you out on my favourite spot, the Restaurant Carlton. It’s located in the heart of Vesterbrø, a trendy and fashionable area. I would describe it as modern and lively. Do you crave for burger?

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Tunic Tops: What to Wear on a Beach Vacay

tunic tops

When the thermometer climbs and the temperature increases, there’s no better way to stay cool and collected when spending a day at the beach. But just because you’re laid-back and relaxed doesn’t mean you needn’t think about your look. With a little careful planning, you can put together a zillion of cute beach outfit ideas with tunic tops that let you look your best while you’re enjoying the sun, sea and sand.

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4 Days – 4 Ways: How to Wear a Romper


Seriously, what is really better than wearing a romper on a summer day? This gorgeous one piece is incredibly easy to feel comfy and requires very little maintenance. By that I mean, you can literally wear this fantastic item and no other clothes and be set. If you like, mix and match, it can be conveniently paired up with nearly everything and creates a stunning style statement!

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